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Post by laura ann April 4th 2012, 9:13 am

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Since the early days of Spiritualism, automatic writing has been accepted as a way for mediums, and sometimes ordinary people, to receive communications from the spirit world. I have read accounts of a woman who wrote entire books by automatic writing. I personally have had good luck and bad experiences with this method.

I often find I am getting lots of info then I realize it is inaccurate and I am channelling low level energies. Or they will say into my head something that is ugly or demeaning and our angels and guides do not operate that way. Then I am totally annoyed. Yet I have received some amazing messages and info from the other worlds by auto writes. So probably the biggest caution I can give is make sure your messages are coming from the light.

Automatic writing is essentially writing that is done in an altered state of consciousness that is attributed to spirits worlds. It is believed by some that the spirits literally manipulate the writing utensil in the hands of the medium to communicate, as the writer is often unaware of what is being written and often even scrawls out text in handwriting that is markedly different than his own. I have expereinced both of these concepts. Generally I just need to disassociate with my paper. Or I simply start hearing the words being spoken into my head and then start writing them down. Words that sometimes are another voice and sometimes my voice but I am very aware they are not my actual thoughts.

So different ways and methods can happen . Most likely though, the medium is writing unconsciously and messages are formed from material in the subconscious mind . I persoanlly am of the beleif that some characters, books, movies etc are channeled unawares to people from outside sources. They just beleive that creative genious is coming from them. And possibly it is from their buried subconscious minds where we already know all the answers. Dormant brain cells slowly awakened. Just like the Gommul character in Lord fo the Rings.. I never saw the charcter on TV until maybe two years after I had had one just like him come visit me in real life. Only mine was green as grass and sweet as could be. Totally different personality then the Gommul character had. Then when saw it on a movie almost crapped. I knew instantly that character was channeled creativeness.

Some automatic writings are done in the form of paintings and drawings. Have you ever been to a psychic fair and there is ususally at least one person who reads people claivoyantly. Yet channells it into a drawing...often the drawings are animal related then translated into messges? This is all a forms of autoamtic writing. Some of them go beyond mere messages into music, paintings and drawings.In some cases individuals with little or no artistic training will suddenly feel compelled to paint or draw in distinctive, professional styles. Look at the young lady named Akiane who has been drawing masterpieces since she was three years old...

I had piddled around with auto writes for a long time before they started really flowing. I used to just ask question then hope I got the answers. I then realized I probably was projecting my wanted answers onto the page same thing I tend to do with a pendulum. So I then started just layng my pen onto the paper and quietly just wait. Then I verbally state all my question out to the universe that I wish answered. I normally ask for any extra guidance they have for me, and I always thank them for their help before and afterward. I usually know within a few minutes if anything starts if it is the light coming in or low level energies. If it is the later I just stop the correspondence and inform them they were not invited.

In the beginning I would get crap that was like what the ______? I then started saying I need you to channel this in english!!! lol Over a span of time I started asking larger questions. I personally prefer pen and paper to do this. And sometimes nothing happens. Some times my arm feels like it belongs to another. Sometimes I have absolutely no control over my arm or hand . I just witness the writing, others I write what is flowing through my mind. Either from source, angels, guides, or my higher self.

The first time I got a long autowrite scared the shit out of me as I lost total control of my arm. It was as if someone else had a hold of my hand and arm and all that was being written was flooring me as I read it as it appeared.

Now I very carefully suround my self in protective light and call forth any guides that wish to channel a message to me.Ii do this simply because over time I had several lower level entities come through and it does not take long to figure out that the person channelling through you is not a nice one. I then immediately ban them from ever getting near me again then I bless my guides out for allowing it to happen.

It took me awhile to figure out that they did this so that I would learn how to discern good from bad on my own. Ah not all lessons have been fun ones.

When I was writting my book occassionally my hand would just take off writing down things that I had forgotten and definately in more profound usage of the english language than I would have normally used. I guess it is hard for the guys upstairs to talk in this hillbilly language. I must defnately drive them crazy with my terrible grammar at times.

Auto writing is an awesome experience, one that I would have hated to miss out on.
Doodling is a form of automatic writing as it is generally not consciously focused writing. Many people doodle spirals which are associated with Sacred Geometry. I have shared some of these with you in my brokenhearts drawings thread.Usually the reason for even trying auto writes is to get information about our personal life or to confirm something from someone who exists on the other side or has deceased. Often the messages coming through are not what you wanted to hear at all so emotionally you stand the chance of being upset afterward as only truth comes through from the light and we all tend to self delude.

When attempting automatic writing you may use a paper and pen or even your computor. Many people prefer the computer as they can type quickly without filtering the information coming through. This personaly doesn't happen much for me. Ocasionally when I am doing a rewrite on something I have typed up it will start to just flow.But normally not my. Old timey paper and pen girl here.

One needs to almost shift their minds like daydreaming in a sense. You are there but your not at the same time. You r shifting from left brain logical thinking to right brain intuitive thinking .

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Take a pencil in hand, place it against a piece of paper as if about to write something. Then turn your attention to something else, such as watching television, reading a book, or talking with someone. For many people, their hand will write coherent material. This is the manner I use most often.
Words, sentences or whole paragraphs may appear. Often, the writing is illegible . Then you have to say something like I need this in english and in a sentence structure. We must remember things aren't the same on the other side. They are so advanced our way is archaic to them.
Messages can come in as the other languages or hand writing style is totally different then yours. You might even sign it with a different name.

Some entities will give you a symbol so that you will know who is channelling to you. It is a personal thing between you and your guides. You can request they do this and even tell them the symbol to use. Or they can suggest a symbol of maybe somethign they show you in dreams. Something that is private between the two of you. A validation your channell is coming from a acurate source. If you don't know the symbol then you can choose whether to work with this being or not. If you feel the least bit uncomfortable with the entity or the information received STOP!

Let all information flow! Do not stop to think about or even process what you are writing or typing. If you feel that more than one entity is trying to write through you tehn ask oen of them them tostep back and you will write with them one at a time.

Try this

Get into a comfortable position.
Take a few cleansings breathes breathe in with the new..out with the old
Now clear your mind of all that chatter.
You can use pen and paper or computor keyboasrd.

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Whatever the answer is to your questions will be written by the spirit.
either by them typing it or writing it or the thoughts and words will just flow out of your mind.
Do not think about it just flow with it as you write or type.
It may seem like your own thoughts are all you get at first and that is OK. It will get easier as this does takes practice.
Gently place your finger on the keyboard. You are relaxed and not concerned about what you will type.
Type today's date at the top of your page. Or write it on the top of your sheet of paper.
Mentally call one of your guides and tell him / her you want to communicate with them on teh computer. Tell them you want to work with a guide who can do aurto write communications.
Type or write , Hello. how are you What is your name
You might ask a simple question like what is you relationship to me. Do yes or No questions to start with.
Don't stop to think. Just allow your fingers to typeor write the answer.
After a few times you will find yourself typing or writing quickly. You may have a lot of msitakes in punctuation, words running together,bad grammar aor sentence structures.
Non of that is important. What is important is you opening the channells, getting comfortable with the procedures, and making your connections. It can be fine tuned later.
Do not try to do it for to long at first.Just little spirts till you get the hang of it and as you get more comfortable, it will flow quicker, and easier.

It may become a regular thing for you and you may find it boring, or scary and never try it again.

The most important part is the protection. Make sure before you begin that you surround yourself in pure white light protection and ask that nothing but 100 percent light beings come near. Of course there always is a low level who slithers in around the floor to answer anyway.

Enjoy this ..have fun with it ...
laura ann
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