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symbols you may be using kundalani energy

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symbols you may be using kundalani energy Empty symbols you may be using kundalani energy

Post by laura ann August 4th 2013, 7:15 pm

If you see in dreams or visions any of these symbols you may be using  some of your  internal  kundalani energies. I recently again have seen a few of them appearing again.

 This is all a bit magical as its alchemy of the body. Most times it comes in symbolic form.

The THRONE is the thymus gland which is located near the heart, when you were a child in the womb , up until you reach your teens this gland was very large. Then it shrinks and becomes small as we sink deeper intoo the material world and loose the gifts most children have, a big one being imagination. Children live in w orld so much different frm an adult.

The red FLOWERS your unfolding spiritual nature, often a rose is used because as each petal unfolds, so you reach another level of spiritual awareness.

The WINGSs the pineal and pituitary glands, the kundalini energy goes from the thymus gland up to the pineal and pituitary, included in that also is the hypothalamus. and loops back to the thymus. Often when the kundalini is kept at that level ( which is often only achieved by a very advanced expert in kundalini) its often what is termed as living through your higher self.

I always  warning about kundalini energy because it is the most powerful force in the universe do not mess about with it, let it progress in the body in a natural way. It damn near took my mind first go round.

The UFO's because this all seems alien to you.

The DIAMOND, is the diamond soul or spirit with its many facets each facet needing to polished and perfected.

hope this  helps any of you seeing  these symbols during this  down ray of new energies
laura ann
laura ann

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symbols you may be using kundalani energy Empty Re: symbols you may be using kundalani energy

Post by mia August 5th 2013, 9:55 am

I ha e seen UFOs
So have many I know.

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