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if life is meaningless

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if life is meaningless Empty if life is meaningless

Post by skfarblum September 22nd 2013, 1:21 am

1) if life is meaningless, its bizarre that human beings have developed whose most basic psychological desire is to crave and seek meaning.

2) shit happens but where does shit come from? Shit either came from nothing or shit is eternal - both of which are considered supernatural events.


We know there is something, which is either acausal or eternal.

Even if this something is energy or mind, that is still something albeit not a tangible thing.

This something either came from nothing or something has always existed.

Either way, this something is supernatural in that it has no natural explanation, the rules of cause and effect or entropy break down.

Science attempts to explain how the Big Bang was created from nothing , but this is supposedly the explanation for physical matter. It does not explain the trigger conditions or where the infinitely dense energy of the singularity comes from.

The above is from The Church of the Churchless blog.
I found it very meaningfull.

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