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Beauty Empty Beauty

Post by Spirit-Being May 17th 2009, 1:58 pm


True beauty lasts forever because it lives within the human heart. True beauty can be seen in your eyes and sensed in your aura. It is that secret, certain something, that exists within people who radiate great personal magnetism. People with loving hearts radiate true beauty wherever they go. When you allow unconditional love to flower within you, when you love the spiritual spark that is within yourself and within other people, then your beauty shines for all to see.

I really thought this hit home, i see & understand that Peace and Love are great aspects of ourself. Whenever that creative spark in me burns i have been much more happier : ) sometimes its hard to hold onto it and i lose it, what i have been trying to learn is how to keep that spark flowing, I hope you all find that creative spark, and try and hold onto it. Wish you all the best in your search.

Many Blessings

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Beauty Empty Re: Beauty

Post by parrotlover100 May 17th 2009, 8:26 pm

that was very inspiring.it was a very good definition for beauty. Very Happy

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Beauty Empty Re: Beauty

Post by d-knots May 18th 2009, 4:55 pm

it seems to be overwhelmed by the human condition
or over eminating earthly or dark entity energy
and we hadn't protected ourselves like when our
guard is down. So, when the negativity seeps in
it's best to reverse it..... Sometimes we are busy
focused on somebody or something else even
consecutive things that need to get done now....
so our guard is down - any moment to meditate
a positive spark helps until more time has been....LOL
.... found to meditate a bit longer so that the good vibes
can be magnified ...ha-ha.... like a rechargable battery...LOL

Good vibes are ours for the taking
whatever takes us to the divine/spiritual plane....
(people, places, and things...)
yes, anyone can get caught up in the erthly life and
not spend much time on the positive vibe or we just
are dealing with a negative energy and they are dumping
and we are trying to understand them....it's tough....but
there might be some healing in it... :~~:
yet we are not bottomless pits for negativity
yet we have the stomach for good vibes...LOL

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Beauty Empty Re: Beauty

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