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(To) Share Message For Peace

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(To) Share Message For Peace Empty (To) Share Message For Peace

Post by A Darth Vader November 24th 2009, 7:53 pm


Mother Teresa said -
I wonder why people betray and then they move on, it feels rough but we have to be ready for that while we are trying to work our way with ourselves our mind should not doubt every one trust in our God that we become beauty for our help with peace. Amen.

I wish, something savory that contributes for spiritual true to shine brightly this day here, now. Peace, because it is better this way than to be many beautiful things of spirit and not having the chance to be rooted with the peace worthy found, not only worthy found but to stay in our souls so that what we aught create of life may surely have the confidences to stay to the fullest, and I respect you to your answer and I wish we could talk all while being interested so we may develop this peace by opportunity to understand to level ourselves to the point of empowering contribution.

Like Mother Teresa, we all can inspire and motivate even possibly succeeding more in life like honor respects. I thank you.

Taste manna from heaven (in your dreams).
A Darth Vader
A Darth Vader

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Post by Spirit-Being December 21st 2009, 1:21 am

Mother Theresa Beautiful Woman

She has inspired me through many of her quotes

I do hope for peace in the world, conflict and turmoil has been a part of our Human Family for too long, that one day we may wake up and realize the horrors we have unleashed towards each other. There is alot of Love out there in the world, & it will win in the End.

Happy Holidays

Many Blessings

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