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The Book of Creation

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The Book of Creation Empty The Book of Creation

Post by TaoB September 26th 2010, 12:20 pm

creatio ex nihilo

The darkness bore nothing.
An endless tide of absolute emptiness.

The darkness bore nothing.
An open and vast expanse of empty space.

and then from the black came the white...
and from the white came the light, bright and shiny...
Illuminating that absolute,
Igniting the expanse
It streamed throughout and spread throughout, dashing the darkness with its presence.

and when it had touched every corner of the nothing...
and after it had filled the emptiness of the darkness...

...Balance came to being.

Then, in those early fractions of the concept not yet named.
Then, came into existence the dark and the light...
...the Black and the White.

creatio ex materia

The Right hand, the Light, picked up a grain...
...picked up a fragment from the emptiness, and rolled it into a ball.

This sphere became a building block.

The Left hand, the Dark, looked on and copied...
...copied by picking up a fragment just the same, he crushed it withe ease.

The Right hand, the White, molded the grain...
...molded it with other fragments, and made a simple form.

This form became a building block.

The Left hand, the Black, took one of the forms...
...took one and crushed it into bitter dust, he broke it naturally.

The Right hand, his name was Creation.
The Left hand, his name was Destruction.

creatio ex deo

Creation saw that the broken shards of his structure could be used in such a way,
he made all the basic forms and mixed them in many ways,
like a painter with a palette,
mixing colours for his canvas...
And so the stars were born.
And after that came the planets.
Creation made more stars and he made more planets.

Destruction saw the stars and planets were forming from the blocks of light,
he knew he could break them and shatter their existence,
and so he destroyed the stars...
and from their deaths crept back the nothing from before, the nothing that had once been the only.

Destruction destroyed the stars and left black holes.

Creation saw that he could use the broken shards to make beings like him,
He made servants to help him create and to help him build,
Then one after another came, the Angelos...
and so came the messengers.
and they became keepers of the broken shards.

Creation made the Angelos.

Destruction did nothing, for he could not create nor make any servants of his own.

Creation had made the heavens and the earths,
he filled them with other creatures that were infants compared to him.
He poured inside every one of them the potential to join him.
He gave everything a purpose and everything a path,
such a design that was complex and hidden, a puzzle within a mystery,
he was proud of his creations, it's ability to move within all realms,
he told the Angelos to appreciate the new beings...

and then, then Destruction saw it's chance.

Destruction destroyed the goodness in the Angelos and tempted them with his powers,
and then one Angelos, a loved Angelos, rebelled, defied and rose up against Creation.

Destruction the Dragon and Lucifer and his Angelos fought up against Creation.
Michael and his Angelos fought against Lucifer and his Angelos,

They were cast out from the realm of the heavens and into the realm of the earths.

Destruction, who could not create his own servants, brought the fallen into his web to serve him as destroyers.

Creation is God.
Destruction is Belial.
The Angelos are Angels
The Fallen are Demons.


One of the races,
The Man, began to evolve along it's path,
...began to become the higher being within its potential.

The Man, made of balance, showed glorious creation and horrific destruction.
The Man, needed to show the creator it was a creator to return to the glory.

The Tribes of The Man began to evolve and learn,
Guided by the higher lights
Tempted by the lower kinds.

The Creator, Creation, split into one hundred faces and one thousand names.
For every Tribe needed it's own Creator.

The Destroyer, Destruction, stayed the same, for every tribe knew it as one action.

The Fallen became familiar with the fears of The Man, for their power was none,

Life and Death,
Death and Life, The wheel rolled and The Man turned,

and Dying, in the physical earths.

This was creation

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