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Ascension! book

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Ascension! book Empty Ascension! book

Post by vainamoinen February 11th 2011, 1:55 pm

Hi everyone, I read a book I can deeply recommend for. Writer is MSI (Maharishi Sadasiva Isham) and book name is ASCENSION! Here is a part from the book:

"Choose instead today for Truth and
Beauty and for the Kingdom of Heaven -- not in some far off future state, but Here and Now --
and watch how quickly your life transforms in magic and wonder and love and joy.
Take these simple words to heart and I promise you, you will dance with the Ishayas in
Immortal Life even here on Earth. Or deny us and run away -- it makes no difference to us but
all the difference to you. So many rivers have flowed into the Unbounded Ocean before. The
ocean needs none, accepts all, flatters none. Its status never changes - but what a
transformation for the river! Its narrow boundaries fall away and are found no more. The river
learns “I am the Ocean --” I am Infinite, Unbounded, Eternal. And this is known not as a dry,
intellectual concept but as a vibrant, living Truth of what is."

I find book from devabookstore.com

Love you,

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