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Downtown Vision Plan

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Downtown Vision Plan Empty Downtown Vision Plan

Post by Sharron123 April 29th 2011, 2:29 am

The City of Red Oak is proud to be a business friendly community. The City provides one with assistance regarding all matters like information on land availability and location, permits and licensing, infrastructure information and more. To meet the needs of each and every business entity The Industrial Development Corporation, Economic Development Corporation, City Staff and The Red Oak Area Chamber of Commerce are always at their service.
Downtown Vision Plan is a new plan that has been completed and approved by the Economic Development Corporation and City Council. The plan is designed to make the Downtown area a destination point and a gathering place for Red Oak families as well as commerce and business. The Downtown Vision Plan will provide a general concept for development and redevelopment and will facilitate and encourage future development in the downtown area. The City does not intend to replace or remove the existing development but provides a guide for development as it occurs naturally in the real estate market. The plan will assist in solving traffic issues in the area and will also create a pedestrian friendly environment. The plan also includes amenities such as historic street lighting, monument signage at major intersections, pavement features, water features and cultural features. To prioritize and begin construction on infrastructure improvements in a phased process for both short term and long term approach The EDC, City Council, and Parks Department will work together.
The Red Oak Town Village Apartments of ali sharaf has contributed immensely to the economic development of The Red Oak City.

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Downtown Vision Plan Empty Re: Downtown Vision Plan

Post by Spirit-Being July 25th 2011, 5:06 pm

Hello Sharon Nice to Meet You Very Happy

There are many wonderful topics around the forum, would very much Love to read your experiences, i'm not familiar with Red Oak City, but its nice to know that this Development has Inspired you to post this Story. I'm sure the residents of Red Oak City are Grateful for this new Development.

Many Blessings

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