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Reiki Principles (Jin Ki Do Reiki)

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Reiki Principles (Jin Ki Do Reiki) Empty Reiki Principles (Jin Ki Do Reiki)

Post by Spirit-Being April 1st 2012, 11:36 pm

Observe throughout the day, with all your effort, the arising of anger, then look deeper for it's true cause. Observe your mind throughout the day for the arising of worry and restlessness, look deeper at their roots. Be mindful, each moment of your day, appreciating the gift of life, find the right livelihood for yourself and be honest in your work. In your day, as you appreciate your life, be kind to yourself and all beings. Your mind and body will truly transform with the power of reiki, practice daily, connect to the universal nature of mind, and develop these reiki ideals everyday.

Prayer of the Morning and Evening Stars

The secret Method to Invite Happiness

The Miracle Medicine for all Diseases

"I AM" Healing, worry is gone, I am remembering to Smile
"I AM" Peace, anger is gone, I am remembering to Laugh
"I AM" Abundance, scarcity is gone, I am remembering to work Honestly and be Generous
"I AM" Joy, sorrow is gone, I am remembering to Rejoice and be Thankful for my many Blessings
"I AM" Love, fear is gone, I am remembering to be Kind to my Neighbors and all Living Things
"I AM" Life, separation is gone, I am remembering to be Happy
"I AM" One with the Great Being, loneliness is gone, I am remembering the Greatest Gift of Love and returning Home

Gassho and repeat them in your Heart and Mind
at the Beginning and end of each day
Improve your Life

From "The Book of Remembrance" by Leslie Suttkus


~Love, Light, Blessings~

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