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Healing Stars Exercise

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Healing Stars Exercise Empty Healing Stars Exercise

Post by Spirit-Being June 6th 2009, 1:42 am

Healing Stars Exercise

  • Begin by laying down and closing your eyes. Let your body become very loose. You are very relaxed. Take long deep breaths. Good energy is all around you.

  • Now picture a big blue star over your head. A great huge blue star.

  • Suddenly it explodes into thousands of tiny blue stars. A shower of stars pouring down on you. It is raining little blue stars into your body.

  • When you breathe out, all the tiny stars move through your body. You feel all warm and tingly as the stars move through your body.

  • They move just like your blood does. They are moving into your toes and feet. They are moving up through your legs and hips. The blue stars are filling your stomach and your chest. You feel all warm and tingly as the tiny blue lights move along your back, all through your back, your shoulders, your neck.

  • And now the tiny blue lights are moving into your head. The tiny blue lights will move through your entire body all night long.

  • When you wake up you will feel strong and well.

Many Blessings

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Healing Stars Exercise Empty Re: Healing Stars Exercise

Post by parrotlover100 June 6th 2009, 12:57 pm

that seams like a cool exercise to try.I'm going to do it.thank you it will be very refreshing. Lily

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