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i am not sure if this is one please read and post your opinion.

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i am not sure if this is one please read and post your opinion. Empty i am not sure if this is one please read and post your opinion.

Post by chrissy November 1st 2008, 11:29 pm

A few years ago i had taken a few different drugs at once i was clean for a few years and relapsed one night and did a combination of drugs methadone, heroin, and cocaine, and then when i finally was done i went home to go to sleep and i took a volume i had fallen asleep and thank god my ex husband at the time he came home and found me almost blue he called 911 and gave me cpr the ambulance came and they cut my clothes off, i was totally unconscious.. all i remember was being in the ambulance but i didnt know where i was i remember freezing and saying please help me and barely speaking... i heard someone say, you almost died honey we saved you you are gonna be alright.. then i seen a bright light and heard the sirens i never once seen anyone's face.. just heard voices.. then i must have went back into unconsciousness, and i woke up again in the hospital only for a few minutes and went back out.. i finally woke up for good i guess afew hours later and i didnt know what happened what day or time it was all i remembered was the bright white light and the sirens and the womens voice.. god brought me back i was seconds away from dying.. thanks to god i am here today and never did those drugs again.. but i think that was a near death experience..

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i am not sure if this is one please read and post your opinion. Empty Re: i am not sure if this is one please read and post your opinion.

Post by Michael November 26th 2008, 8:25 pm

I believe you were in the process of seperating, what i mean by seperating is that your spirit or soul started leaving the physical body, when this happens the life is stripped from the body and the body stops living.

NDE is when a person is pronounced clinically dead, all vital signs stop emitting signals and the the spirit or soul leaves the vessel and procedes where ever it is drawn to go. There are those who feel they have entered another dimension or realm, interpreting this state as heaven or hell. Individuals have seen entities of light, interpreting these as maybe deceased loved ones, or angels. Most people have experience going through a tunnel with a light at the end, encountering spirit beings as they pass through. There are those who did not have a feeling of peace, or even met with friendly spirits. Rather, they experienced terror as while being accosted by demons. NDEs have a dramatic effect on the way people live their lives, usually it is a positive effect and sometimes life becomes more meaningful and life seems to have a bigger purpose. Sometimes people will even see auras from this experience, as their psychic abilities become much more profound.

Have you done any research as to what you went through? It always helps to find others that have had similar experiences, i have not experienced an NDE but i have done reading on the subject. If you are interested in reading other peoples experiences you can find the page Here.

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